Costs During the 1st 15 Days of Being Under Contract:
There are some costs that you will have in the first 15 days once you are under contract. The first is the binder deposit. That is normally at least $500 on a home under $75,000 and at least $1,000 on a home over $75,000 and below $200,000. It goes up after $200,000. The more you offer as a deposit, the stronger the offer is. The next cost is the home inspection. The cost is based on the size of the home and if it has a crawl space but the average cost is about $300. There are additional inspections you can do at additional costs like roof, septic, pool, and radon. The last cost before closing is the apprasial. That is ordered by the lender and normally costs between $400-$495. Feel free to contact me with any questions about cost or the buying process. I'm here to help!