Fall maintenance tips: While you and your family are taking in the wonderful change of seasons, you might want to spend a little time going through this important fall/pre-winter home maintenance checklist. It’ll help save you money and prolong the value of your home.

  1. Increase the life of your lawn mower by adding fuel stabilizer to your gasoline tank before stowing it away.
  2. Remove garden hoses and turn off your shutoff valves to outdoor faucets to prevent pipes from cracking in the winter.
  3. Drain your sprinkler system to prevent busted pipes.
  4. Seal cracks around your home’s exterior to prevent moisture from getting in your walls and enlarging those cracks.
  5. After the leaves have fallen, clean and de-gunk your gutters.
  6. Inspect your roof for bad shingles and black algae stains.
  7. Look at the soil around your foundation to make sure it slopes away from your house so that runoff is draining properly.
  8. Schedule an appointment with a heating professional to get your furnace tuned up for the winter and be sure your filter is replaced.
  9. Prune plants and trees so that limbs and branches are at least three feet from your house to prevent damage from winds.
  10. Make sure your fireplace is safe by using a flashlight to look up the flue to check for birds’ nests, branches, leaves, or other obstructions.