There's No Such Thing As Being Overly Prepared For Hurricane Season

Living on the peninsula of Florida has many benefits - but hurricanes aren't one of them. From June 1st to November 30th, meteorologists will be on the lookout for weather disturbances that could potentially turn into tropical storms or hurricanes.


Although the 2019 Hurricane Season is predicted to produce average activity, it is always a great idea to be prepared for the worst Mother Nature has to offer. Check out the hurricane preparedness tips below to help ensure that you’re ready for the season. Contact your insurance agent to make sure you have the coverage you need in case your home is damaged by a storm.


Here are a few preparedness tips you want to be sure to have checked off your list:

✔ Have a Plan

Know your evacuation zone and have a plan of action in place so that you do not have to make any last minute decisions.


✔ Stock Up on Supplies

Do you have enough supplies to last the storm and the recovery period that comes after?


✔ Hurricane-Proof Your Home

Prepare your home for both wind pressure and impact protection.


✔ Create a Home Inventory

Having a complete record of property helps ensure that you are reimbursed for your belongings. This can easily be done with a smartphone or video camera.


✔ Protect All Valuables

Store your valuables and documents, such as insurance paperwork for you to reference post-storm, in a portable, waterproof container.

✔ Backup Information On Your Electronic Devices

Make sure data from your phone and computers are backed up before storm season.


✔ Register to AlertFlorida

Register to receive notifications from the Florida Division of Emergency Management's free emergency and public safety alert system.


✔ Get Flood Insurance

Our private flood insurance, which is available in most areas of the state, has no waiting period in order to provide you with the protection you need.


✔ Know Where to File a Claim

Our Claims Service is available 24/7 at

866-277-9871. You can also use our onlineClaims Portal to file a new claim or review the status of existing claims.


Information provided by American Integrity Insurance.