Investing Tip: If you purchase a foreclosure in order to rent it out then I have a tip for you. The nicer you make the home the higher you will be able to rent it for, you will rent it quicker, and you will have a lot more interest in the home. There will be a larger money outlaw at the start but it pays off in the long run. If it only takes a week to rent a home instead of 2 months then that just saved a good bit of money and time. Things to pay special attention to are of course big things like flooring and paint but also details like fixtures, hardware, and landscaping. The parts of a home where people fall in love with are kitchens and bathrooms so if you are only going to put special touches in a few areas then focusing on those would be a good idea. Try not to be too stylized so that only a certain type of person will like the home. Try and go for a modern yet minimal look. Brushed silver is in and brass and bronze are out:) Feel free to contact me for any advise on this or anything else pertaining to sales or rentals.