Top 3 Roofing Upgrades You Don’t Need

Many people dread calling their local roofing contractors even when there’s an emergency, sometimes for good reason. Unfortunately, some roofing contractors use aggressive sales tactics to get their clients to buy their services. In fact, some of them even manage to sell their clients roofing upgrades that aren’t even necessary at all. So today, we’re going to take a look at the top 3 roofing products you might want to take an extra second to consider. That way, if a pushy salesperson ever tries to sell you one of the items on our list, you’ll be able to explain exactly why you’ll be taking a hard pass.

Top 3 Roofing Upgrades You Don’t Need

1) Powered Attic Fan

The first item on our list of things people get duped into buying is a powered attic fan. So let’s talk about what these things are and why you don’t need them.

Believe it or not, building and roofing experts may get defensive if you tell them that attic fans aren’t necessary. But it’s true! Attic fans are supposed to keep attics cool. However, a lot of the time, that ends up being a wasted (and expensive) effort.

In order to see why getting an attic fan is a bad idea, we have to understand why attics are warm in the first place. For one, they often let in solar radiation from the outside. More importantly — heat travels upwards. And since most ceilings aren’t very well insulated, the heat from inside our homes tends to end up in our attics. There isn’t much an attic fan can do in that case. In fact, it’s actually going to cool the attic by pulling up air from the home below, increasing your utility bill. Besides, there are plenty of other roofing solutions you might try instead, including installing a simple ventilation system to release heat from the attic.

2) Heavy Weight Hip and Ridge Cap

Without a doubt, hip and ridge cap shingles protect some of the weakest parts of the roof. However, if a roofing salesperson ever tries to convince you to get heavyweight caps, let them know that you don’t need them. As long as you have high-quality shingles, you won’t need to upgrade to the really heavy caps. Instead, many roofing services are going to be able to bend the same 3-tab shingles they’re using on the rest of the roof over the hips and ridges.

3) Solar Panels

Solar panels are a fairly popular choice as far as roofing upgrades go. But we can certainly survive without them. Particularly aggressive salespeople might insist that solar panels will increase your home value. However, there’s no data pointing that way and it comes at no small expense. For all we know, the opposite may be the case. After all, most people don’t want their new home to have unattractive and unnecessarily expensive roof accessories.

And that’s another thing. Consider the cost of going solar. If your intention is to buy your panels, you’ll find that they’re much more expensive than you might have anticipated. On the other hand, you could also decide to lease your solar panels — although that’s not a cheap option, either.

It’s true that some states do offer incentives to go solar. However, there are no federal tax deductions for all of the rent you’d be paying for the panels.

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