Steps to Ensure Your Home Sells/Rents for Top Dollar:


  If price too high then less offers, not many showings, limits buyers, and delays a sale.


   Buyers are turned off by any odor or dirt, so make sure the home is squeaky clean.


   Clutter eats equity. Reducing clutter makes the home look larger and prospective buyers are better able to visualize their personal items within it.

Easy Access

   A few hours notice should be sufficient.

Preparing For Showings

   If you are at home before a showing, turn all lights on, open drapes, light candles or spray air freshener, and leave the house taking pets and children with you.

Paint & Carpet

   Paint is the best improvement because it makes the home smell clean and looks great. If your carpet is worn down, an unusual color, or has stains then its time to change it. Many homes don’t sell because of this reason alone

Curb Appeal

   The front of the home is the first impression as well as the default image for all advertising. It is very important to have bushes trimmed, grass mowed, and walkways swept. If a buyer doesn’t like the front of the home, they may decide not to even go in.