What to look for in your real estate agent

You’ll probably want to choose someone who’s:

  1. Been personally recommended — Ask colleagues, friends and neighbors if they’ve used a great agent
  2. Local — Knowing the local market and having an established network of local contacts is essential
  3. Experienced — Sometimes the enthusiasm of youth is valuable, but normally solid professional experience pays dividends. Look for someone who sells real estate full-time and has had a license for several years
  4. Committed — A full-time agent is good, and one who has not worked for 15 agencies in three years is better
  5. Qualified — In some states, you barely need to mist a mirror to get a real estate license. However, experience, work ethic, continuing education and special additional training indicate someone worth considering
  6. Reputable — Check with your state’s licensing board for complaints against every agent you consider. And consult Yelp, Google and other online resources
  7. Supported — Nobody’s available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Make sure someone will fill your agent’s shoes during vacation periods and family emergencies
  8. Successful (where it counts) — Not only must your agent be good at selling homes generally; he or she must work your territory. A heavy-hitter who sells multimillion-dollar mansions might not remember your name if you’re looking at $100,000 condos, and a “fixer-upper” specialist may be out of his league in the luxury market.

Info provided by themortgagereports.com